Renewable resources

Wood is a natural material. Its use as a building material creates a link to the environment. A closer affiliation to nature is important to us. For this reason it is essential to take advantage of the resources that surround us and integrating them into a building: rain water, solar energy (electricity and hot water). We can advise you in this area and help you increase your comfort.


Rainwater collection


Drinking water is a precious resource that is wasted. In Gabon, the rainy season lasts for several months and this gives us the possibility to use rain water more intelligently. With a tank, the water can be stored and used in the home for non-drinking purposes, like flushing toilets and to fill a washing machine.

Solar Water Heaters

Heating water requires energy and the sun is a source of energy that should be used. Solar radiation provides hot water and reduces the costs of electricity.

Solar energy


Solar energy could be used more intensively in Gabon. Due to the country’s proximity to the equator, the potential is evident.

A wooden house, which uses rain water and solar energy, helps reduce energy costs and makes our clients less affected by rising costs.


We are able to advise you in this field and help you achieve the objectives of Gabon vert.