Jointing and Glued-Laminated timber (GLULAM)


The jointing is the connection of several planks of wood with a profile. The planks are permanently connected with glue.
The profile, which is done with a trimmer, increases the surface area of the adhesive seal, thus strengthening the articulation and the cohesion.

The profile can be done on the following surfaces:

  • End grain of the plank (end)
  • Along the fiber (side)

Jointing has numerous benefits:

  • Production of larger beams
  • Creation of homogeneous beams
  • Cutting of faults within the wood
  • Increase in efficiency


  1. Longitudinal cut
  2. Milling
  3. Gluing
  4. Pressing
  5. Cutting

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Glued-Laminated timber(GLULAM)

Ecowood is the only company in Gabon mastering the technique of producing glued-laminated timber. This allows the client to enjoy the beauty of the wood with larger dimensions. Our factory has the capacity to offer glued-laminated timber, from the production, to the fitting on the construction site.

Our press gives us the opportunity to manufacture glued-laminated timber up to a length of 22m. With our press it is also possible to shape the glued-laminated timber into various forms.

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