The company

Since 2005, we have dedicated ourselves to the use of wood in the construction industry in Gabon. Wood is a natural resource that is very versatile and Gabon offers a great potential with its large areas of forest. ECOWOOD wishes to participate in the government’s effort to assist Gabon in using its resources and knowledge to help modernize the country.


ECOWOOD would make wood an option when considering a building project and in doing so helping the country use the resources which its environment has to offer. Our slogan remains:


Each material should be used in the right place, depending on its use and its characteristics


The Timber industry is the largest employer in Gabon and the objective remains:

«The building sector represents a great potential for the use of wood in Gabon!»


With the choice to use more wood, we are sure that the objectives of Gabon vert, Gabon Industries and Gabon services can be reached.