About us

“WOOD: Our profession, our passion!”

We believe in innovating the construction field in Gabon, in a spirit turned resolutely toward the future and a sustainable development. We are transforming a natural, renewable resource of the dense forests of Gabon, harvested by certified sawyers. We are making an important contribution to the sustainable development of the construction sector in Gabon. The use of wood as a main construction material increases the value added to wood products in Gabon.

Sustainable passing of knowledge

ECOWOOD is also dedicated to giving the Gabonese youth a vocational training in the field of wooden construction. This ensures continuity for our business, and leaves the workforce with a sustainable future. We try to establish a spirit of craftsmanship in carpentry, with the aim to ensure a sustainable future for the wood industry in the construction field. With these obligations, there is increased economic independence and improved outlooks for our employees.


Sustainable industry

Wood from the equatorial forests is a raw material with great characteristics. Its use adds value and pays for the development and management of the forest in a sustainable manner. Only the processing and intelligent consumption of wood allows the sustainable exploitation, conservation and protection of the forest. At the same time job positions are created and the destruction of the forest is reduced. As the largest employer in the country, the timber industry carries a great responsibility.

There is no doubt that wood is a construction material of the future. If we want to live in a responsible society, adapting to its environment, practicing sustainable management and respecting resources, we need to promote the use of wood in the construction field.

Its aesthetic and mechanical characteristics may vary, but the intelligent use of these different individual characteristics opens the horizon for this material to be integrated in diverse fields.

Wood is an innovative material and is affirmed in advanced technologies, capable of responding to all the requirements and constraints related to the progression of our modes of life. Wood varies in its uses, and offers flexibility in design by allowing a broad architectural Expression.

At ECOWOOD, we are convinced that we are able to contribute to the development of the timber industry in central Africa. With the implementing of our know-how, we hope to contribute to the development of wood as a building Material.

Our Mission