Design office

After exchanging the ideas with the customer, the design phase continues in the design office. Our engineers and technicians work with computer-aided design (CADwork) software which is specifically for timber constructions.


Layout plans, perspectives and details of the project are developed with CADwork by our designers, thus giving the best visualization of the project to the client as well as precise plans, which are necessary for the construction site.

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The tolerances of our structures are calculated by our timber engineers, guaranteeing that the plans fulfill the standards and safety measures.

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Technical Control

Our qualified specialists regularly monitor the condition of the equipment in the workshop, thus ensuring the reliability and the quality of the work provided.


Planning PRO

The construction phases are planned until the final stage. This means the whole process of planning remains under the control of ECOWOOD.


Quality control

The structuring of our company allows a quality control at each stage during the process of production. Each production phase is documented, guaranteeing a safe and sustainable result for the client.

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Construction site management

The construction site manager determines the various team positions and maintains decorum on the construction site, thus ensuring the quality of work, expected by our clients.

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