Timber construction

In addition to the usual timber construction, Ecowood specializes in other methods of construction.



We assemble and build your home in prefabricated panels. Due to local conditions (local road conditions and climatic conditions) prefabrication offers many advantages.

The construction time on the site is considerably reduced as each task is concentrated in the factory. This not only helps ensure a higher quality, but also leaves the assemblers with only the finishing touches.

Thanks to an intelligent conception, the degree of prefabrication can be increased: The walls are fabricated with insulation, electrical installations and painted surfaces.

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Modular Design (Ecomaison)

A further strength of ECOWOOD is the design with a modular system. Through this construction method we developed the Ecohouse. With this method of construction it is possible to build a simple house in the shortest possible time.

The different components are produced at the factory and assembled on site.

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Glued-laminated timber (Glulam)

Our ability to manufacture Glued-laminated timber (Glulam), makes us a unique company in Gabon. This system allows us to design large structures and different shapes according to the preferences of the clients.

Why Glued-laminated timber?

… has a light weight

… is adaptable

… is easily machined

… has a constant quality

… is fire resistant

… is stabile

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