Wood is our passion

There are several reasons to build and live in a wooden building, from the aesthetic aspect to the thermal comfort. We have listed below the 10 main reasons why we believe wood is an attractive construction material.


Why Wood ? – 10 reason why wood should be used

  • Ecological
  • Architecturally aesthetic
  • Sustainable
  • ForestdeGabon1Une construction saine
  • Healthy building material
  • Binds CO2
  • Thermal comfort
  • Fire resistance (when applied properly)
  • Ease of variation
  • Fast completion
  • Allows clean and dry construction

The cycle of CO2

We have the responsibility to reduce global carbon dioxide (CO2) levels. Wood has the capacity to store carbon dioxide in the form of carbon (C). This leads to the reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. With the decision to build a wooden house, you can help contribute to solving the global carbon dioxide problem.

Here is a visual description of the carbon dioxide (CO2) cycle.



The wood we use:

In our company, we use the following local wood varieties:


Density: 590 kg/m³
Application: Timber Construction, Glued-laminated timber structure (Glulam)


Density: 770 kg/m³
Application: Timber Construction


Density: 760 kg/m³
Application: Fassade, External paneling, Cladding, Veneer


Density: 700 kg/m³
Application: Timber Construction



Density: 720 kg/m³
Application: Interior paneling



Density: 730 kg/m³
Application: External paneling, cladding



Density: 470 kg/m³
Application: Ecomaison, construction wood